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Reasons for rising demands for Trained Pilots in the Aviation industry

Reasons for rising demands for Trained Pilots in the Aviation industry

Airlines Industry is expanding vastly, due to growing demands of Airline users. Top rated Airlines and Aviation industry has made a very strong statement that the industry shall be creating job vacancies for over 500,000 Trained Pilots. The vacancies shall be created by 2030, globally. It is expected that with rising demand, there will be need to hire 500,000 Pilots by next 15 years. This is important to offer customers and Airline users with well efficient and safe travel. According to the stats collected by sources, the rising demand for well trained and efficient Pilots is been bifurcated region wise below:-

  • Pacific Asia will need to recruit over 192,300 well trained Pilots
  • Europe may need to hire over 99,700 Well trained Pilots
  • America (North) will be creating vacancies for over 85,700 trained Pilots
  • America (Latin) will be opening vacancies for over 48,600 Trained Pilots
  • Middle East region will need to hire over 40,000 Pilots
  • Africa may need to recruit over 16,500 Pilots
  • CIS and Russia may need to recruit over 15,200 Trained Pilots

The process for creating rising demands for new recruits is still not very clear. There are chances that new developments might have led to the rising demand for new recruits. Let’s try and understand the real reasons for this growing demand.

Increase in the number of passengers

According to stats provided, more number of people depends on Airlines for travelling to far off destinations. For safety reasons, Pilots undergo safe training sessions. Personality test for pilots is also conducted by most Airlines, during training sessions. This ensures that they are well trained and efficient to handle pressure. People feel that Airlines is also one of the safest ways to travel. Over 170 million passengers are added to Airline services every year. Over 31 percent passengers alone in Pacific Asia use Airlines services.

Better Aircrafts

To meet the rising demand and to stay fit in the competition, Airlines are purchasing better Aircrafts. In 2014 alone, manufacturers sold over 629 Aircrafts to top rated Airlines alone. Companies have also managed to sell over 291 Jetliners globally in 2015, just within four months. Within the coming years it is expected that the numbers may only go up. This means that each Airline may need to recruit over 6 Pilot every year.

More retirements in Pilot industry

Presently, aviation industry has stated minimum retirement age for Pilots to be around 65 years. After completing 60 years, Pilots are expected to have overall medical check-up every year.  There are a number of Pilots who are taking volunteering retirement every year. Stats also prove that as compared to the retirement number, not many new recruits are made by the Airlines. Most countries have also set a benchmark of 67 years as retirement age. This is done with an aim to help overcome Pilot shortage.

Pilots not having certification and flying hours

Due to rising cost of training sessions, new Pilots are not able to invest money to collect flying hours to their credits. There is a number of training programs that Pilots are expected to undergo before they can join on board airline industry.

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