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Top 12 Everyday Uses of MATLAB


Jan 20, 2023
Top 12 Everyday Uses of MATLAB

MATLAB is the acronym for Matrix Laboratories. This is one of the most widely popular numerical computing tools. This programming language combines visualization, computation and programming parameters in a simple and usable environment. MATLAB is entirely written using Java, C, and C++ codes and presents every line as mathematical equations. MATLAB is immensely popular among students, and these are twelve ways how they use MATLAB in their everyday operations –

  • Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are computing frameworks that consist of both software and hardware but are designed to do only a specific function. Some examples of embedded systems are –

  • Printer
  • Washing machine
  • Camera
  • Automobile

MATLAB allows users to run the hardware with a single push of a button. 

  • Control Systems

Another way we widely use MATLAB assignment help is by providing control of systems and devices. Control systems manage the functions of a device by giving commands and controlling its behavior. Control systems are based on control loops. The users can control any system or devices ranging from room heaters to gigantic industrial systems that control huge machinery like in a factory. 

MATLAB has a control system toolbox that gives the users various algorithms to design, tune and analyze linear control systems systematically. 

  • Digital Signal Processing

Digital signal processing refers to the use of digital processing techniques. MATLAB users use special digital signal processors and computers to execute numerous signal-processing operations. MATLAB can make signal processing techniques look easy. It uses its unique codes to analyze time series data and create a unified workflow. This helps to develop streaming platforms and embedded systems. 

We can find this implication in various real-life applications like voice recognition, SONAR, radars, speech compression for mobile phones, and many more.

  • Wireless Communications

Since the inception of mobiles, wireless communication is not an alien tech anymore. As we know, in wireless communication, two devices can connect via a wireless signal. However, if you have wondered about the technology behind this, MATLAB is the answer. Wireless engineering is a specific engineering division that extensively uses MATLAB to create wireless communication channels. MATLAB reduces the development time of wireless communication. Additionally, it also plays a critical role in eliminating design problems in the early stages. Engineers can also use MATLAB to test, verify, and streamline the entire wireless communication process.

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing

MATLAB codes are also used to process raw images and ready them for other tasks like computer vision. For computer vision, computers are programmed to act like human eyes. The codes process the captured images, understand them and predict the visual output. There are multiple implications of MATLAB in image processing. Using MATLAB, one can perform tasks like –

  • Importing and exporting images
  • Detecting shapes and edges
  • Enhancing image quality
  • Measuring properties of shapes
  • Classifying objects based on their texture and color
  • Performing batch analysis of multiple images

Creating the perfect algorithm determines the efficiency of the tool. Using MATLAB helps the coders to easily analyze images and create accurate algorithms by providing a comprehensive environment. 

  • Internet of Things

This is a network of electronic systems that facilitates data exchange and connectivity. It is present in a myriad of objects ranging from industrial devices and vehicles to home appliances. IoT gets embedded with electronic sensors, actuators and software to design and deploy IoT prototypes. MATLAB is extensively used in the Internet of Things. Engineers rely on MATLAB codes to predict, optimize, supervise, control and maintain IoT.

  • FPGA Design and Codesign

Engineers use MATLAB-enabled hardware and software to codesign programmable SoC devices. They use C and C++ along with HDL code generators to offer targeted support to security operations center devices. Engineers can program FPGA easily in MATLAB using these steps –

  • Adding hardware architecture
  • Code Generation
  • Synthesis and implementation
  • Integration

With HDL coder, engineers can connect MATLAB algorithms to FPGA prototyping software and design systems without any hassle.

  • Mechatronics

Mechatronics is a relatively new concept that combines mechanical engineering with electronics engineering. Mechatronic systems integrate electrical, mechanical, and embedded software subsystems to simulate and design in a unified platform. 

We can find the application of mechatronics in various everyday objects like the anti-lock braking system of cars, DVDs, and hard disks on computers. MATLAB helps us to understand these complex systems by deciphering the algorithm designs to understand their behavior. Using MATLAB codes, engineers can speed up the systems and development processes by running multiple teams simultaneously. We can also use it to predict and optimize performances in mechatronics systems. 

  • Test and Measurement

Testing and measurement is the process of testing electronic products. These products are subjected to various forms of tests, from product-level functional testing to identifying physical defects. While testing the systems may look tough, MATLAB helps you with the tools to automate the tasks and boost the speed. 

Once the users derive the data, they can explore it interactively. Moreover, the engineers also use it for data analysis and live visualization. Using these data, they can create test systems, verify concepts and designs, and eliminate redundancy by automating repetitive tasks. You can even deploy beta applications made in MATLAB on other systems.  

  • Computational Finance and Biology

Researchers study biological data to understand biological relationships and systems in depth. This is termed as computational biology. Similarly, computational finance refers to the study of financial modeling and data using computer science. MATLAB can solve any biological questions or financial equations using its algorithms. 

MATLAB can classify and predict biological models in health analytics. It can also generate images automatically during cell counting. Similarly, it can execute various financial functions like creating live market data and historical charts. It also helps to develop predictive financial models and carry out time-series analysis. 

Apart from these, MATLAB has historically used professionals in other ways like investment management, risk management, econometrics and insurance. 

  • Robotics

Robotics is an advanced area of science that uses concepts from various fields of engineering like electrical, mechanical and computer science. Robotics engineers fuse knowledge from all these parts to create machines that can mimic certain human behavior. They use MATLAB to create and fine-tune algorithms, generate codes automatically, and develop real-world systems. 

There are several online courses on how to develop robots using MATLAB. With an increased demand for robotics in various sectors, students are also taking assignment help online and excelling in robotics. 

  • Data Analytics

The importance of data and information has skyrocketed in the last decade, and so has the demand for data analytics. To gain insights about data, researchers heavily use MATLAB algorithms to develop big data analytics systems. These systems, along with other tools, help researchers to gain insights easily. 

Summing Up:

MATLAB is widely used in a number of applications across different industries. We can find MATLAB applications in almost all sectors where electronics and automation are needed. The options range from Automobiles to Communications to Medicine. Knowing MATLAB has become a mandate in most cases, and students can go through this blog and learn about the twelve ways we can use MATLAB in our everyday life.

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