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CISA Course Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

CISA training and certification

Several certification choices are available for people interested in a career in information technology. It helps in enhancing your knowledge and skills. You can utilize your current career, future goals, workplace requirements, and other criteria to find the best fit.

The CISA training and certification may be a suitable match for an individual having an interest in IT auditing and security. In this article, we will see about the course requirements and eligibility criteria.

What is CISA Certification?

A certified information systems auditor (CISA) is a credential that describes the candidate’s knowledge of information technology auditing expertise. This certificate is issued by the information systems audit and control association (ISACA). The CISA training and certification may be useful for working in IT as auditors, managers, consultants, or security specialists.

ISACA is an international organization dedicated to information technology education and standardization for practice.

Earning CISA training and certification provides knowledge regarding IT systems and auditing. Getting a CISA certification is useful to ensure that your training is online with the international standard for this profession. When you search for a job, tell the employer that you have CISA training and certification, which will boost your resume. 

It shows that you have skills and are a valuable addition to their IT team. 

CISA course requirement and eligibility criteria

You can get your CISA certification by fulfilling all the requirements and eligibility criteria as follows:

1. Register for the CISA exam

The first step is registering for the CISA exam online on the ISACA website. Then you have to go for CISA training, and certification will be awarded after passing the exam. After registering, appear for the exam in person at test locations or online. Exam fees for non-ISACA are $595, and for ISACA, it is $465. 

This amount should be paid while registering. If you require any special testing accommodations, you have to request them. You have to prepare for the exam after registering, where the courses are offered by ISACA, with live instructions, and purchase a subscription to the ISACA database. It carries several review questions, answers, and explanations.

2. Take and pass the exam

The CISA exam is conducted for four hours and consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. Testers can select one of the ten languages, in which they can write the exam. The test score falls between 200 and 800 points, and you have to obtain a score of at least 450 marks to get a pass.

There is also a chance, is given to retake the CISA exam if you score below 450 points.

The CISA exam consists of five sections or domains, which contain an equal portion of the test questions. The following are the five sections you have to learn for the exam:

  1. Information systems auditing process
  2. Governance and management of IT
  3. Information system acquisition, development, and implementation
  4. Information systems operations and business resilience
  5. Protection of information assets

3. Required work experience

To get CISA certification, it is essential to complete at least five years of experience in a job related to IT auditing, control, or security. This work requirement can be finished before or after the exam. You can also appear for the exam part of the way through your work experience.

If you already have work experience, you can take the exam within 10 years of the first year of your work. If you take the exam first, you should complete the work experience within five years of passing the test. Another way is you can substitute your education experience in place of work experience.

Auditing, university credits, master’s degree, or instructional experience reduces time from the five-year requirement.


There is a growing demand for CISA candidates not only in India as well as in overseas. All companies require these CISA-certified professionals to run their businesses smoothly.

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