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Foreign students’ policy at Herguan University


Jan 20, 2022
Foreign students’ policy at Herguan University

There are many universities which encourage foreign students to apply for one of their degrees as they believe in the right of every individual to seek and follow the education they deserve. This is why Herguan University has a very strong international program which allows students from abroad to come a get a master’s degree with ease. In this respect the admission process in the same as for the domestic students and there are no extra boundaries that the prospective foreign candidates must pass. The truth is that many people from abroad are attracted by the large offer and the academic professionalism of the university and each year there are a bunch of them admitted to continue their studies.

The first part of the admission process can be completed online on the Herguan University website as the application form is ready to be filled in. However, the foreign students must have a proof that they have graduated a course equivalent to a bachelor’s degree from a university outside the Unites States. The diploma together with the transcripts must be presented in original and also a certified translation of the papers has to be attached to it. This is a mandatory step in order to be admitted. The future student needs to enclose a resume and take an admission test.

Most of the future students that come from abroad will need an F-1 student visa in order to be able to study at Herguan University. The first requirement is to have in the bank account a deposit of $15,000 and to be able to show the account balance. Another thing is the I-134 form which can be given by the immigration office in case the student does not have that amount of money. Besides this requirement, all foreign students must have the DSO together with the forms I-20, I-94 and a passport with a visa on it. The authorities will also require a certificate of proficiency in English. If the student does not have a previous certificate, he has the change to take the examination in the campus. All the documents must be submitted via mail and a charge of $30 must be paid. After that the process goes smoothly and the visa will be granted in no time. This may represent a little bit of a headache for students, but they know that at the end their education is in the first place.

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