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Everybody, the best USA universities according to students’ feedback

Everybody, the best USA universities according to students’ feedbackEverybody, the best USA universities according to students’ feedback

Higher education in the United States is considered the best in the world. American universities are consistently leaders in all world rankings! We prepared our top-4 based on feedback from students: the most prestigious and with more attractive scholarship programs 4 best universities in America. The choice of students.

In the US, there are more than 4,000 educational institutions offering higher education programs. University in the United States is, as a rule, a large university, which includes several colleges or schools. In universities, specialists are trained in various fields, students can obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree and post-graduate education is also widely practiced. Unlike most colleges in the US, research is usually conducted at universities.

#1. Auburn University

  •   Auburn University is one of the top 100 US public universities;
  •   Prepare scientists and astronauts for NASA;
  •   The cost of training is from $ 31,000 per year;
  •   Scholarships $ 5000, $ 7,500 and $ 10,000 for talented students for the first year of study.

The main advantages of Auburn University are research activities, which students are taught from the first year, and Co-op training (a program of combining academic studies with a paid professional internship). Thanks to this approach, the diploma of the University of Auburn is highly appreciated by employers.

#2. Adelphi University

  •   The oldest university in New York was founded in 1896;
  •   The cost of training is from $ 38,656 per year;
  •   A scholarship for bachelors is $ 15,000 for all 4 years of study;
  •   Scholarship for masters is $ 4000 for 1 year.

What is its point? First, Adelphi University is located in the heart of the economic and cultural life of the United States – New York. Secondly, the university offers programs in three main areas:

  •   finance and business;
  •   science;
  •   Humanities.

#3. Florida International University

  •   the University ranks 17th in the top of the best universities in the country (Washington Monthly) and the 10th among the largest, public higher education institutions in the US;
  •   the cost of training is from $ 21900 per year;
  •   a scholarship is $ 5,000 and $ 7,500 for talented students for the first year of study.

The choice of areas is huge – about 200 programs, but among them, the special place is occupied by the business. So, in 2016, the U.S. News and World Report named FIU the best university in the field of business. Another plus is the special Career Accelerator Program, where students have the opportunity to get a place for an internship, which can subsequently become the first permanent job.

#4. Louisiana State University

  •   LSU is recognized as one of the 16 most popular universities in the United States. Among LSU graduates are Hollywood actors, world-famous doctors, famous athletes and statesmen, international-level architect’s Latest informative Business To Marketing article;
  •   the cost of training is from $ 28,500 per year;
  •   a scholarship is $ 14,250 for talented students for the first year of study.

The advantage of Louisiana State University over others – in unlimited opportunities to get practical experience in the specialty and start a career while studying. This is facilitated by numerous laboratories and studios.

Separate attention deserves the conditions of study and living in the LSU – this is a paradise for aesthetes! The University is located on the picturesque bank of the Mississippi River and consists of 250 buildings in the Renaissance style. Just imagine: the main campus looks like a magical Italian town!

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