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Tips to Ace Bank Exams


Jun 21, 2022
Tips to Ace Bank Exams

Banks invite applications for several posts such as the assistant manager, development officer, manager etc. The selection process for each bank varies; however, most of the banks conduct preliminary and main examinations followed by an interview.

Bank exams generally test candidates on English language and comprehension, quantitative aptitude, reasoning ability, current affairs etc. Studying for bank exams assists in preparing for other competitive exams like the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, that is, UPPSC, Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (HPPSC) and other government examinations.

Aspirants who wish to take bank examinations should use the ideas and strategies listed below to succeed.

How to Prepare for Bank exams?

A bank exam is a game of speed, time management, knowledge and strategy. Candidates must know how to choose and answer simple questions first and then move on to more difficult ones within the time limit. Aspirants should focus on the following points while preparing for bank tests:

  • Make a study plan and strategise

It is essential that aspirants have a clear study plan. It is important to set deadlines for oneself and finish studying within that time. Without deadlines, candidates may not be able to make use of their time optimally. A study timetable by itself will not be enough; aspirants must adhere to their study plan to the letter. Candidates should also have a plan or strategy in place to cope with unexpected or difficult situations that may be asked in the exam.

  • Practise and revise

Aspirants who study religiously and revise frequently gain an edge over other competitors. Candidates who struggle with English or numerical ability should make it a habit to study tough portions every day and solve practice questions.

  • Improve your speed

Most of the bank exams have a time limit for each section. As a result, a candidate must be able to complete a large number of questions from each part within the time restriction. Candidates should be familiar with the fundamentals of quantitative aptitude, reasoning, data interpretation, and so on in order to improve their speed in answering problems. Regular practice, and a solid foundation in the fundamentals of a subject will aid candidates in improving their speed.

  • Take mock tests

It is imperative that candidates take mock tests before the exam. Solving practice   papers and mock tests regularly will not only improve candidates’ performance but also help them in analysing their mistakes.

  • Learn to manage your time well

Candidates should be able to manage their time effectively while taking bank exams. Each section of the majority of bank exams has a time limit. Therefore, it is advisable that aspirants learn various tips and tricks to solve problems quickly. Revising frequently and taking practice tests will help in improving the computation speed of the candidate.

Candidates should always remember that before beginning exam preparation, they must first comprehend the nature of the questions that will be asked. For example, if the aspirant is preparing for the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission, then they should go through the UPPSC syllabus and the previous years’ question papers to understand the exam pattern. Candidates can strategically prepare for the exam by having a comprehensive understanding of the exam’s format, question types, etc.

The State PSC exams and Bank tests are highly competitive in nature. To pass these tests, candidates must put forth a lot of effort right from the start. Speed, time management and consistency are key skills required to crack these exams.

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