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Making Sixth Form Applications


Apr 22, 2022
Making Sixth Form Applications

The sixth form education is very crucial for any teenager who is going through the last two years in secondary school in the UK. Although these two years are optional, they offer a great opportunity to students aged between 16 and 18 to be able to carefully plan and make crucial decisions affecting their future. Some of the Best Sixth Form Colleges in London normally prepare students for qualifications like the A Level examinations. The quality of teaching and the kind of facilities offered will usually determine the kind of qualifications students get from a given college. In turn, the qualifications will shape the students’ future educational and career plans. 

Therefore, before making that sixth form application, it is imperative that both students and their parents give serious thought about the kind of sixth form learning institution that they really want. A good number of students in the UK either continue with their sixth form education in the same secondary schools that they have been studying in or opt join sixth form colleges which can also be referred t as further education colleges. 

Making a Decision on the College You Want To Join

The first consideration to make as a student is what you want to study. This needs a close review of the subjects that you are good at, and are most passionate about, as well as what subjects are necessary for the sake of more long-term plans in life. For instance, if your dream is to become a doctor in future, then you must take science at the A Levels. 

You need to look at what teaching structures might work best for you. For instance, public colleges will normally teach in larger scales as compared to smaller sixth form offered in private schools. It is, therefore, important to check out whether your school or the college that you choose offers the right academic qualifications that you need in order to accomplish your future career plans. You may have to choose from A Levels or AS or BTECs as well as OCR Nationals or City and Guilds. In some colleges, you might get the new Diploma qualification offered for teenagers aged between 14 and 19. Therefore, it is upon you to make the choice that is most suitable to you. 

Further Education Colleges 

When you opt for a further education college, you need to be aware that the entire curriculum is designed for older students. This means that some of your classmates might be a mixture of older as well as younger students. Your college might also specialize in a particular sector like sport or art and design. Normally the colleges are larger scale and hence they might be further from where you stay and you might need to commute for a longer distance daily. 

When to Make Applications 

Most of the sixth form colleges and schools begin opening their application processes during the year 11 autumns. It is at this time that any interested student or parent should begin visiting schools or colleges, talking to current and former students, attending open days as well as finding out the available studying options. However, if you opt to remain at your current school for your sixth form, it won’t be necessary for you to make any application.

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